Welcome To Bed Bugs Therapy

Bed Bugs Therapy is the #1 blog & authoritative information resource about bed bugs and bed bugs related issues, prevention, and treatment methods. My name is Uday Verma & I’m the owner & founder of BedBugsTherapy.com

The Story of Bed Bugs Therapy

At past times, I also had a nasty bout with bed bugs. I had tested everything to get rid of those little unwanted 5mm long insects that cause itchy red bumps, fluid-filled blisters, and rashes. I tried everything to remove them – booking extermination after extermination and Failed. The knowledge on the websites were not much effective, All websites had their entirely different ways to remove bed bugs. There were so much of extensive incorrect information available out there on the internet. Some times the wrong information can cause severe infestations or health risks.

But thankfully I don’t have any bed bugs over the past 3 – 4 years at my sweet home. Then I launched BedBugsTherapy.com to help peoples like myself in their hard times and battle with bed bugs.

My Goal

I want to ensure that the everyone sufferer of bed bugs get their sleep every night. I aim to arm you with the correct knowledge that’s essential to tackle even the worst of infestations and for that, I’ll provide you evaluation and reviews of the best products like mattresses, apps, therapy, treatment and much more.

Here I obey some basic norms like:

  • No testing on animals
  • Small-batched & hand-crafted formulas
  • Use of organic botanicals whenever possible
  • Support worthwhile humanitarian efforts
  • Develop formulas that just plain work!

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